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iWoman Media is a media organisation set up by women to empower, entertain, explore and inspire by providing world-class content made by and for women from across the globe.

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iWoman Academy is a 12-week empowerment course set up by women to empower and upskill participants using radio production techniques as a wellbeing tool to better enable women to gain employment, return to education and/or set up their own businesses.

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iWoman Radio is a podcast series that will entertain, educate, inspire and challenge your thinking. iWoman Radio features inspirational women who are challenging stereotypes, making waves in their sectors and reaching new heights.

If you want to hear topics that no-one else wants to cover, iWoman radio is for you. We are safe haven of voices that will light the candle of freedom.

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Why is the Dapivirine ring important to the sexual health of African women?

Existing prevention methods have not done enough to stop the spread of HIV among women. The monthly Dapivirine ring could provide women with the first discreet, easy-to-use and long-acting prevention option. We caught up with Dr. Zeda Rosenberg  founder and chief executive officer of the International Partnership for Microbicides to find out more.

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Written be Karen Gallagher MBE RED, credit Lorna Sim When I was given the task to produce a health show for i-Woman Academy I thought I would be a little opportunistic as I was representing an Australian artist Liz Lea to tour her work RED, a one woman show based on her own story of…

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